Bukit Merah View | 1500 sqft

Filled with a generous unit space, we designed this to specifically match the client, interest, and requirements. Perfectly accommodating their family of four and even their beloved feline friend, Tom

In our initial ideation phase, where we craft layout proposals for our valued clients, our approach is all about offering a range of choices, we typically present a variety of options, from those that directly address the client’s requirements to our personal favorites – designs that align best with their lifestyle aspirations and space optimization goals. There’s an undeniable excitement that wells up when a client resonates with our personal favorite pick. This sense of enthusiasm was palpable in this project – a captivating journey we embarked upon for a resale 5 room HDB flat.

The central masterpiece of the design was a lavish island, adorned with pendant lights sourced from Sol Luminaire. Positioned alongside a dry pantry and exquistely crafted carpentry featuring curved ceiling accents, this area seamlessly blends style and functionality. Preserving the existing marble flooring, a premium material that speaks of elegance, was a priority. Our recommendation to the client was to retain this flooring after a thorough polishing.

To establish distinct areas, we introduced 600 x 600 monochromatic grey tiles from Hafary, elegantly demarcating the island and the kitchen space. A thoughtfully planned layout revolved around the creation of two distinct zones: a dynamic living and hosting area, counterbalanced by private, intimate rooms.

We highlighted the living area’s curves using fluted panels, giving it an enveloping warmth.

The kitchen carpentry’s backsplash features Helena from Consentino, a material that holds a special place in our hearts as it envokes the serene beauty of clouds in the sky. Creating a warm entryway experience, we carefully selected a floral tile resonating with the home’s green and blue tones.

Positioned strategically, these open shelves served as an artistic backdrop for the dining area. Apart from providing a measure of privacy, they also infused the space with a decorative element.

A dedicated playroom, illuminated by ample daylight, emerged as a haven for the children’s toys and books. In the realm of design elements, one standout feature that captured our hearts was a captivating wallpaper from Hello Circus, thoughtfully chosen for the boy’s room.

The unifying color theme of blue gracefully extended into both the common toilet and bathroom, seamlessly integrated with the carpentry.

This project was more than just design; it was a transformative journey, a testimony to the way design can reflect and enhance the essence of life’s different phases. From ideation to creation, it’s a joy to see a space not just taking shape, but also embodying the spirit of those who inhabit it.