Minimalist Meadows

Meadows pierce |  2594 sqft

Penthouse of lines, curves and fine finish

The client’s brief was to create a minimal and fuss-free design for a family of four. Our goal was to fashion a space that exudes simplicity and elegance, with a subtle touch of luxury. We envisioned the space to possess elegant lines but have a subtle touch of luxury

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To achieve this, we incorporated curves and bends throughout the house, fostering a sense of flow and smoothness in the overall ambiance. Careful selection of materials, such as Fenix surfaces, oak flooring, and a Bianco Carrara marble with minimal veining, added a tactile quality that elevated the space.

The expansive stairway presented an opportunity to enhance its presence. We introduced recessed nightlights and minimalist wall lights, casting a gentle illumination on the walls to amplify the spaciousness. The sleek rail handle was thoughtfully designed to guide one’s gaze upwards, emphasizing the openness of the stairwell.

In the individual rooms, we tailored the design to reflect the occupants’ personalities while adhering to the minimal aesthetic. We played with the warmth of materials, adapting them to each occupant.

This process revealed how a consistent concept could manifest uniquely in each space. As a creative touch, we crafted a compact mirrored storage space to showcase the client’s shot glass collection—a concealed yet delightful reminder of cherished memories, awaiting their next unveiling.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a timeless and serene design, poised to stand the test of time.