Parc Esta

Parc Esta | 517 sqft

This presents an intriguing design challenge as we work on reconfiguring a 600 sqft space for our client, who owns a 1-bedroom apartment.
Our client holds a deep appreciation for art, fashion, books, and has a strong affinity for Japanese culture.

Being quite open-minded, our client readily embraced our proposal to create a wardrobe space beneath a platform tatami area, dedicated to sleep and relaxation. This platform will also accommodate a slim table, with bookshelves above, alongside a proper dining table near the corridor.

For the backsplash, we selected mosaic tiles from Hafary, while the table top is sourced from Cosentino, complemented by laminates from Lamitak.

We are particularly fond of the gentle finishes that adorn the space. From the soothing Cole & Son wallpaper in the sleeping area to the enchanting Wabi Sabi wallpaper by Enchanted in the entryway.

This layout represents a successful execution, as we have managed to craft a serene and comfortable environment within the confines of this small area. This experience reaffirms that our creativity should not be limited by size.