Context interactive

Context Interactive
16 New Industrial Rd
1,000 sqft

A novel hybrid working approach brings forth fresh spatial requirements, which is precisely the client’s reason for seeking our expertise. Moreover, given their presence in the creative industry, it’s imperative that the space’s design reflects their personality and vibe to attract top-tier talent.

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The concept for the circular meeting pods draws inspiration from the company’s logo, and we’ve creatively incorporated wayfinding graphics derived from their brand’s visual identity. The brand’s colours have been thoughtfully translated into the overall colour palette of the space.

We crafted various types of workspaces, including standard work tables equipped for monitors, bar tables with a view, and secluded tables along the room’s perimeter for those seeking a quieter setting.

The office’s favourite spot has turned out to be the bar area, where they can gather for meals and drinks

Additionally, there’s a designated chill-out zone equipped for games, movies, and even mahjong.

The yellow meeting room serves a dual purpose, offering privacy for meetings and infusing the space with an energetic burst of colour.