Modular retail design
Wheelock place
1000 sqft

Super grateful to have partnered Graye again for its second home in Wheelock Place, following their successful launch in East Coast road in 2018.

We created a modular retail concept that houses its studio and transforms into an event space. This flexible system catered to its evolving product categories.

Together with the Client, we co-created pockets of engagement such as the “revive corner” and “social board” that create conversations and drives retail traffic.

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Graye is a brand close to our hearts as its a clothing brand that our lead designer, Keith, adores and was a customer even before we designed their store in East Coast Road, a 300sqft shophouse store.

As Graye expands its business, they engaged us in 2021 to design their second store in Wheelock Place, a 1000sqft retail space that got us very excited to work on.

The owner wanted a dynamic space that could transform and grow with its product lines and services, such as workshops and events. More importantly, they wanted the brand to reach out to a wider audience so as to grow their customer base.

The overall design direction was something that is clean, minimal, with organic yet modern elements.

This article will take you through the different design components we put together, to help Graye realize their vision.

The materials chosen for the shop are modern and sustainable.

Stainless steel and acrylic give the space a modern feel, while walnut wood around the space gives it an organic feel.

The stainless steel, walnut wood, and acrylic modules in the shop are movable and can double up as chairs during events and workshops.

An open-store window is adaptable and facilitates seasonal display changes.

Graye takes pride in creating multi-functional pieces. Therefore we included acrylic frames with descriptive images that demonstrate the designs’ functional purpose.

The furniture in the shop are movable, and fixtures and modules in the shop can be easily disassembled and removed. This will help to open up the space to hold events and workshops.

This adaptable system not only creates an open space for events, but it also caters to Graye’s evolving product categories.

Many considerations went into the design of this shop space, right down to how natural day light streams in through the large window to illuminate the fitting room.

Consistent with Graye’s brand identity, we maintained the old floors and ceilings and exposed the cellcom blocks to give the space an industrial feel while yet being environmentally friendly.

The various elements used in the space enhances the shopping experience as customers discover different pockets of space.

Their in-house designers can create within the store, allowing customers to see the design process and also see the value of the items they purchase.