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Sky@ Eleven | 2713 sqft

In this project, we designed a three-generation home with seven family members living under one roof: a couple, three teenagers, one granny, and one helper. The family had outgrown their previous residence and was eager to begin a new chapter in their lives. With seven people living under one roof, the challenge would be to make the house more user-friendly and organized while also meeting the needs of each individual family member.

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As we started to understand usage of space daily, we realized that the main issue was a lack of table top space, as the kids were previously studying at the dining table. Study materials have to be kept away just so they can dine. We made sure there was enough table top space in their new home: three islands and one dining table, to help meet the needs of this family of seven.

An island next to the entrance provides a temporary storage when the family returns home. They can leave their groceries and belongings on the island for sorting later.  It is also easy to get children to bring their belongings into their rooms after taking a shower.

Children can have their breakfast here before they leave for school, and it also serves as a gathering place for friends.

We took into consideration the huge logistics involved and space required in the main kitchen when cooking for the family of seven and decided to install a secondary fridge to house quick snacks like fruits and cakes, eliminating the need to enter the main kitchen where food preparation and cooking happens just to grab a snack.

The secondary island is located behind the dining area. Family members can prepare simple foods like salads and fruits and wash cups at the sink on the secondary island , without having to go to the main kitchen.

The living room and main balcony have a high ceiling and opening sliding windows, making the area feels spacious even when the entire family is seated on the sofa and the floor.

If the family decides to entertain guests, the balcony sliding doors can be opened up, and the fermob table on the balcony provides additional seating. After dropping the kids off at school, the owner uses this balcony as a quiet and reflective place to pray.

The carpentry in the living room features a simple and clean design. The white backdrop on the display shelf helps create visual interest on the items displayed.

The master bedroom features a study area which provides a space the client’s husband needs when he works from home.