Bedok North | 4-rm HDB | 1000 sqft

Our Home. It came without any walls, a blank canvas for Keith which he immediately fell for.

This also explains the open plan living space – our dining, sofa, workspace all in one. Owing to this, our flat is always airy and we have been able to constantly shift things around.

Home to us, is a treasure trove that keeps evolving.


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While we didn’t intentionally start out wanting a colourful home, the vintage furniture we picked and art pieces we created naturally injected colours.

That said, Lin Na is a lover of prints, hence the patterned Moroccan and geometric floral tile

Home is where we feel most comfortable in.

This is Lin Na’s and Keith’s first home, it has been 3 years since they moved in. They have grown to love it more. Little updates in the space, a plant here, a postcard there , a new plate in the kitchen. All these touches form our story and that sense of familiarity and comfort.

Living in this home has made them realized that a house that becomes a home requires care. A home that is neglected often is cold and lifeless.

A dining table requires use and stains to have depth and texture (in character).

This is where Keith chills every morning with his cup of coffee and phone. Many brilliant ideas were conceived while lying horizontally. =)

Despite the crazy heatwave we have here in Singapore, Keith misses this bed when they travel.

Many dishes have been born out of this kitchen. Both good and of course the terribly wrong ones.