Fernvale Link | HDB 4-rm | 1000 sqft

Black and white, the quintessential wardrobe classic staple of many, can flatten and dull a space. This was the challenge for this monochromatic industrial themes space.

To inject life, we layered in textures and prints, punctuated with a gold/yellow accent colour, and threw in a couple of plants.

BLACK and WHITE, the quintessential cool color of many people. It’s often seen as a safe choice (like when looking into your wardrobe and not sure what to wear that day.) Our experience with this house, however, was a tad difficult. All black and white can make a room appear flat and lifeless. We made a couple of tweaks to transform the space into a quaint little nook for this couple.

To create this little oasis corner, we mixed the plant arrangement with potted plants and some loose ferns to add texture. Check out our favorite mermaid.

The artwork was created by @hello_wanderer. We love her quirky sense of humor with the cactus. You can inquire about her work here.

We love the kitchen. To vary textures, we used a matt black kitchen surface with a matt black laminate to juxtapose with the glossy fridge and glass backing. Also, a little trick to write on your black kitchen backsplash with a white marker. This is a great place to leave notes and funny comments.

Placing a simple mirror behind your side table will help to give a more polished look.