Sepia Toned

King’s Court Boon Keng | HDB 4-rm | 1000 sqft

Memories give meaning to homes.

This home reminds us of a sepia-toned photograph that reflects a couple’s memory through time – from the antarctic “enclosure” of the couple’s plushies collected all over the world to vintage treasures from thrift shops – we managed to pull them together on a quirky themed canvas.

This project has taught us that small spaces shouldn’t limit our imagination.

This installment of project brings us to St George’s towers. The client’s brief always starts simple with the couple collecting plushies on their travels.

However, as we were working on the project the plot thickens, and we found out that our client has a love for vintage and local nostalgia related pieces. Writing this post helped us consolidate our thoughts for the project, Jack Johnson’s lyrics kept coming to our minds.

Recounting the design process, we were always trying to create a house that was meaningful for the couple. We remember the client kept their wedding keep sake red clogs and their love for plushies mementos. On hindsight, we wanted the house to be a box of memories.

Memories help to create meaning to the space.
We named this project Sepia-Toned as we hope this home becomes a great memories for the years to come.

This living room was requested by the client as they wanted the space to be solely for conversations. A living room with a television can sometimes be distracting and not conducive for entertainment.

The client was also collecting old pieces of furniture from a thrift store. We thought the lamp, mirrors and armchair looked like it belongs to a old barber, which is quite native to our region (We grew up going to a barber with the spinning sign in those stripes).

Also, local is the table which is from the trees cut down from the new airport terminal. We also happen to have the old calendar that my vendors give yearly, which we gifted the client to complete the old Singapore nostalgia look.

The Antarctica concept was birth from the couple’s obsession with penguins. The client played around with their display to form an interesting vignette but when we went over the photoshoot, we decide to throw them a party with colour flags to create a for festive mood.

The kitchen for the couple was to be simple and uncluttered, the handles was a full brass piece powder coated in black. Interesting story, when the worker was installing the kitchen cabinet, our client asked how he would install the handles and he said like in the image. The client loved the idea and the overall look formed (never hurts to have a second opinion where fun things can happen).