King Grouper

Shaw Plaza Balestier
920 Sqft
Brand architecture, brand identity design, store design, graphic design, packaging design.

King grouper, a rapidly expanding fish soup chain, sought our expertise to design their inaugural mall store. After assessing different brand architecture approaches, we opted to center the design around their established “farm to table” narrative.

This narrative is grounded in their ownership of kelongs, ensuring a constant supply of fresh king grouper. Our challenge was to encapsulate this identity while evoking the uncomplicated charm of a kelong, combined with a contemporary twist for the interior.

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We concentrated on integrating elements that are clear, accessible, and resonate with everyday consumers. Embracing the Kelong theme, we incorporated features like natural wood, fish nets suspended from the ceiling, and zinc plate cladding within the shop.

Overcoming the challenge of the store’s concealed corner location in the mall, we introduced an illuminated secondary signboard to enhance visibility from a distance.

Additionally, we utilized dynamic heights through plant installations and varied seating levels to create a feeling of comfort and seclusion. The varied plant heights also provided shading, offering diners a cozy and private eating environment.

Astoundingly, within a mere two months, our team explored an array of design concepts, fine-tuned logos and layouts, all while harmonizing branding, graphic design, and interior expertise. This culminated in a unified and branded experience for our esteemed client.