Chamber Of Curios

Waterfront Gold | 1055 sqft

We embarked on a journey that started as a minimalist Japandi moodboard to an enchanting space that truly embodies the owner’s character and personality.

A chamber of curios enveloped in curves, with a million dollar view of the reservoir.

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Facilitating a harmonious convergence of lines, allowing them to naturally and organically intersect, creates an inherent return to the essence of the park.

Despite the absence of curves within the room, a sense of curvature is ingeniously crafted through the repetition of the ceiling and floor contours. This subtle technique gives rise to a perceptible separation between two areas, even within the expanse of an open concept.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese design philosophies that celebrate the fusion of outdoor and indoor realms, expansive windows were incorporated. Complementing this, a circular table was meticulously fashioned to counteract any inklings of claustrophobia, promoting an inviting atmosphere.

The spatial configuration was methodically orchestrated to forge a profound connection with the client – a thoughtful embodiment of their preferences and identity.

we used curtains in addition to the traditional door keep spaces private or public for different occasions, it is used to separate airflow as well closing it to keep airconditioned air in certain rooms

the challenge for the toilet was mixing many different materials together but after some planning we made it work.