Earth Love

Tiong Bahru | HDB 4-rm | 947 sqft


Home of an eco conscious who is a firm believer of re-purposing & thrifting, Jin is a lover of our local culture, and has seamlessly integrated art pieces by her hometown artist 吴冠中 with Peranakan tiles in the house.


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Together, we scoured for various 2nd hand pieces from the Salvation army, Junkies’ Corner and Carousell.

DIY and repurposed items are highlights of this house: vanity in the toilet was remade from an old study table; coffee table from leftover tiles; kitchen curtain was made from Jin’s leftover plastic wrappers and painstakingly handcrafted by local plastic fanatic artist, Kang.


“I think my biggest message there is, you don’t need everything brand new, because all the nice things are just right there! You can always reuse and recycle everything, and (you) just need to look for the nice things here and there, and maybe even on the street, you will see something nice, and you pick it back, and you can make it so much better!” These are words from Zuo Yuan during our interview with her. As we walk you through her home, you will see that her message is also encapsulated in the design of her home.

A white backdrop is perfect for displaying your collection of art-work as it draws attention to the painting. Art brings life to a home, creates visual interest, and can even spark conversations.

The Client chanced upon some Peranakan-style concrete when she was in Langkawi and decided to incorporate the idea in the designing of her home. The cement screed flooring allows the Peranakan tiles to stand out.

The client did not want to waste the left-over tiles from the renovation. Hence, the tiles were upcycled and made into the table-top of the coffee table.

We hand-painted these two feature walls in the bathroom over three days using stencils. Sunshiny yellow and various shades of green brings cheer and warmth to this space. The vanity table was created by repurposing an old study table. The various elements combined are thematically appropriate and give the room a well-put-together appearance.

The use of Peranakan-style tiles for a feature wall, combined with a curtain made from leftover plastic wrappers, complements the overall look of the home.