Mount Sophia Suites | 700 sqft

Memorabilia bought overseas during travels brings back fond memories and adds visual interest and character to a space. This is especially true for this couple, who have collected beautiful pieces around the globe.

The study was painted an intimate navy while the ethnic rug from India adds a cosy touch. We mirrored this with a subtle monochromatic Morrocan printed tile in the kitchen.

The lounge and dining space are divided by the false ceiling and cove lights. This defines each space for its specific function.

We wanted a space in the living room where people could talk without being distracted by television. However, an occasional movie night is needed. Hence we hid a pull-out projector screen in the ceiling . A show could be screened at anytime with a projector placed on the coffee table. The wall of bookshelves was planned to house not just books but also memorabilia. Our trusty IKEA Billy book shelves turned out to be a cost effective yet timeless solution.

This installment of project features brings us to an upscale neighborhood of Mount Sophia. The client is an urban, young, well traveled couple looking to start a family home.

This living space makes a great chill out area for a couple of whiskey shots. A monochromic backdrop makes a great space for the display of the owner’s collection of memorabilia.

Though we didn’t want a loud design statement, we wanted to inject some cultural /traveler flavor into the mix. The monochromatic Moroccan print in the kitchen was spot on for that purpose.